Are you feeling lost in the relationship?

There is a way to feel happy again.

Couples therapy online or in Berlin-Wilmersdorf in German, English, Russian

Why has my relationship with my beloved partner changed? How can I regain happiness and connection?

Many couples face these challenges and seek ways to improve their relationships. As experienced EFT therapists (Emotionally Focused Therapy), we offer you professional support to heal mutual wounds and experience a deeper connection.

Tatjana Ott welcomes you personally at her practice in Berlin, while Eva-Maria Merboth connects with you online from anywhere in the world.

In typically 10 sessions, we can achieve sustainable changes together, but each couple is unique, so the duration of individual couples therapy may vary.

Let’s work together on your relationship and find ways to rediscover love and happiness. We are here to support you professionally and help you take the first step toward a fulfilling partnership.

Book a free initial consultation to start your journey to a harmonious relationship.

Couples Therapy in Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Tatjana Ott (German, Russian)

Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy
Couples Therapist

Cost of the session at the Berlin-Wilmersdorf practice:
75 min 180 euros

Couples Therapy ONLINE on Fridays

Eva Merboth (German, English)

Psychological Psychotherapist
Couples Therapist

Cost of the online session:
75 min 165 euros

Please note that we can only treat self-paying patients.

Privatpraxis für zukunftsorientierte Psychotherapie

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14197 Berlin
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